Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic Rendering in Sydney

We at Pacific Rendering provide acrylic rendering in Sydney for many years. It is very popular in the last few years as there are enquiries from old and new clients about it. This acrylic render is not the same as traditional cement render and sand, but cement is still used in the rendering mix. But, the material used is modified with an addition of acrylic, which is a plastic substitute. Before this mixture is created, it is pre-mixed with a different combination, and the results differ.


While some combinations are polymer and cement, others are made of lime and sand that increases the flexibility, adhesion properties and water resistance of the rendering mix. For Australian weather, acrylic rendering is a popular choice as it is durable and resilient to harsh sunlight and weather.


Acrylic Texture Wall Rendering Services 

Acrylic rendering provides a great performance than traditional rendering in several ways. It can be applied to brick walls, Hebel blocks or panels, concrete surfaces, polystyrene sheets, painted surfaces and blueboard. Here are some of the ways in which Acrylic rendering deliver superior performance:


  • Flexibility: These rendering materials can contract and expand with the change in temperature. Usually, this can lead to the creation of fissures and cracks in normal materials. In this way, Acrylic gives more stability and flexibility so that cracks don’t appear.


  • Smooth or Textured Finishes: With Acrylic rendering, you can apply textured or smooth finishes to your walls based on location and preferences. Most people look for a textured finish for exterior walls and a smoother finish for their interior walls. These finishes not only look great but can be customisable.


  • Colour Rendering: Instead of applying plain rendering, you can add colour to the rendering mix that is applied to the surface. Since the material is stained with the desired colour, you do not need to paint the walls after its application to add to its appearance.


  • Durability: The components of acrylic adds to the strength and resilience of the cement base material and makes it more durable. Acrylic rendering can last longer and look better than traditional materials for a longer period.


  • Water Resistance: One of the main reasons why there is an increase in popularity for Acrylic rendering is because of its resistance to water. The plastic material offers a good amount of moisture resistance instead of a combination of cement and sand. This is important for homes and offices located in high rainfall areas and places near the coastline.



  • Quick Rendering Process: The acrylic rendering dries and sets easily, and therefore projects need less effort and time to complete. This reduces the overall costs and excessive moisture that is trapped within the layers of the materials. This prevents the growth of mould and fungus.


This material can be applied to different kinds of surfaces with relative ease. The rendering will also create a protective layer that will ensure that material is not worn down or damaged due to the weather.


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