Cement Rendering

Cement Rendering in Sydney 

We at Pacific Rendering provide the best in cement rendering Sydney services. Our team of highly skilled cement renderers in Sydney are good at their work and finishes. For walls that are made of cement blocks or brick, you will need to have the surface covered to protect the building materials from moisture and external elements. In order to waterproof and weatherproof these walls, you should apply render to the surface to form a protective seal.

House Rendering Services Sydney 

Since Cement rendering in Sydney is one of the most popular services, we understand the process thoroughly. We will ensure that the surface is coated evenly and that the finish looks great once the job is complete. Our team of experts will handle all aspects of cement rendering and will also look into your preferences and needs. Here are some of the different cement rendering services that we provide:

  • Waterproof Cement Render: If you find that waterproofing is a big issue, and you need to protect your property from external weather conditions, then you should apply waterproof cement render. This rendering mix has superior moisture resistant properties, and this will ensure that there is no water damage and nothing seeps into your property. The process is done very carefully to ensure that the process of rendering the wall. This means that we look out for air pockets, gaps or unevenness, and in this way, no moisture will slip in.
  • Repairing Cement Rendered Walls: In addition to applying cement rendering in Sydney, we also repair cement rendered walls that need attention. First, our experts will check the condition of the wall and determine the extent of the damage. Then, they will use effective techniques to repair and seal the damage.
  • Cement Rendering Brick Walls: Since bricks are porous, it should be covered or sealed with a rendering mix to ensure that your property is protected from external elements. The application of rendering on brick walls makes them more durable, weather-resistant and resilient. Also, cement rendering on brick walls will also increase the value of the property.
  • Coloured Cement Render: If you find that you do not want to apply paint to exterior walls every few years, then you apply a coloured cement render. A stain solution is mixed into the cement and sand rendering material and then applied to your walls. Since the colour is mixed with the material itself, it does not fade, lose its finish or chip. In case you want to change the colour sometime in the future, then you can simply add a coat of paint over the coloured concrete.
  • External Walls: This is the most commonly used cement rendering in Sydney as the materials protect the underlying concrete blocks and bricks. Cement rendering also ensures that the walls have an even appearance and are smooth. This can be customised and finished based on your needs. Additionally, we can paint the external walls, apply coloured cement or add texture.


We have an extensive range of cement rendering services that we can offer, and we can help you decide which one best suits your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance at 0424437771 or email us at info@pacificrendering.com