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Foam Wall Rendering in Sydney

Property owners, contractors and builders realise how important it is to have foam wall rendering in Sydney. This material has been used for public constructions and commercial use, and now it is fast becoming popular with the residential market. Foam rendering is now in great demand thanks to its benefits that it has to offer.

We at Pacific Rendering understand how rendered foam cladding works and how to safely install it. Our experts have taken time to understand the rendering process and determine how foam surfaces work. You can be sure that you don’t worry about the underlying material being damaged by the render.

Foam Rendered Wall Cladding 

These foam rendered walls have several benefits, and this is why they have grown in popularity. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation as compared to regular building materials.
  • Suitable for upper-level floors as it is lightweight. Also, you do not need a special framework to be a support.
  • The extruded foam insulation will protect your interiors from harsh weather and other factors.
  • Get better sound isolation from the outdoor environment

Foam Installation Process

This installation is easy and simple as the cladding is created to fast and efficient placement. The process is as follows:

  • Foam boards have an external mesh face that ensures that it is the best surface for rendering. The boards are fixed in such a way that it is has a specially designed wall frame and screws that incorporate spreader washers that are created for the installation.
  • After the foam blocks are put in place, the joints between them are sealed with the foam. Also, mesh joining tape is installed over the surface of the foam as support.
  • Finally, to keep the boards in place and make sure that foam does not break through the corners are reinforced with metal strips.

Pricing of Foam Wall Rendering

Foam wall rendering costs almost the same as acrylic rendering. These days we cannot use traditional rendering materials without the addition of acrylic or foam as the rendering mix would not adjust to the surface. Costs vary based on the type of finish and the size of your property or condition of the wall. Similarly, we handle foam cladding installation and based on the type of job, and the costs will vary. You can get a free quote about the estimated cost of installation and rendering.

Why Choose Us for Foam Rendering?

  • Affordable: Though rendering projects can be costly, and several property owners are tempted to cut corners. We provide you with a balance of affordable prices and quality so that you can enjoy the beautiful interior and exterior walls.
  • Quotes: We will help you with an estimate or quote after we determine the size and scale of the project based on examining the property. You can rest assured that there are no hidden costs and we will help you determine the right budget.


Since we have been rendering for several years, we take pride in our work and pay attention to detail with every project that we do. Connect with us for detailed information and quotes at 0424437771 or email us at