Acrylic render is a wet, thin-coat render which comes pre-mixed (ready to use) in a wide variety of colors, used as a decorative finish.
Acrylic, pre-mixed rendering products have the advantage of superior water resistance and strength, allowing application to more challenging surfaces, such as concrete, cement sheeting or cladding such as expanded Polystyrene.
If you wish to paint your house a bright color and you are looking for a colored render that can be mixed into any shade, then through-colored acrylic render is great because much like acrylic paint it bonds to color pigment well, so the intensity of the color will last much longer than other colored renders. This means that you won’t need to re-paint it every 10 years or so, which can be consuming on your time and money, and considering that our acrylic render is one of our cheapest, it’s a pretty cost-efficient way to render your home.
Acrylic render is a great choice in terms of being crack resistant, so it will ensure longevity in this respect. acrylic render is also the best value in comparison to other colored renders, because it is long-lasting.

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